Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our last summer swim!!

My cute sister-in-law has a pool and is really great to let us come over and swim. This is a picture of the girls with their cousins.

The girls first day of school!!

Here we go again.....I think the first day of school every year brings me to tears. It's always hard for me to let the girls go, especially since they are all in a full day of school. They were super excited to start at their new school "Roosevelt Elementary". This is actually the elementary school that Bryan went to. I think part of him was happy that they were following in his footsteps...GO ROOSEVELT RAPTORS. When we picked them up afterwards Madi told us that she only made 10 friends and then gave us a huge grin. Brooklyn was passing out my cell phone number to everyone in sight (she claimed they were all her new friends). Kelsie loves 6th grade and gets to go across the street to the Jr. High for first period for band and then has to hurry across the street to the elementary school before the first bell rings. She's made friends with two girls named Taylor and calls them the Taylor twins. Over all I can't believe how well the girls always adjust to something new, they inspire me.